I was recently doing a bit of Instagram stalking and came across my favorite new Atlanta business – Tails on Trails. Founder Cole Maenza has combined his passion for hiking with his love for dogs, and created a company that gets your dog out of the house and into the great outdoors when you’re at work.

Tails on Trails provides your active pup with a 3-4 hour hike around the metro Atlanta area while you’re busy on the work grind. Your dog gets to run, swim, and play with other pups while exploring some of the city’s best hiking and nature trails.

Typical spots for the hikes include East Palisades in Vinings, Sweetwater Creek, and Old Roswell Mill – all within easy driving distance of the city!

tails on trails atlanta

How incredible is this photo? My pup Riley & his new friends on the trail at Old Roswell Mill

Here’s how it works:

Cole and his team will meet up with you and your pup before their first hike.

This is a great chance for your dog to get comfortable with the Tails on Trails team, and for them to learn any special needs or preferences your dog has.

Cole and his team pick up your pup in the morning.

Pick-up is normally between 7-8, dependent on the location of the day’s hike.

Time to hit the trail!

The pups normally start on the trail around 8:30 am, finishing up around 12 pm. Cole takes amazing pictures of the pups (he swears he’s not a professional photographer), and will text you throughout the day to see the fun!

Drop-off at home.

Your pup will get dropped off between 12:30 and 1:30 pm – the Tails on Trails team can make arrangements to get your dog home even if you’re not around.

My pup Riley recently got the chance to participate in a day hike with Tails on Trails – and he absolutely loved it. He came home tired and happy, and I got to see amazing pictures of him hiking Old Roswell Mill while I was at work.


tails on trails atlanta

tails on trails atlanta


The whole process start-to-finish was so easy – Cole and his team were great at communicating with me throughout the day. Riley even came home clean and smelling fresh (which is a miracle post-hike, he loves to get dirty!)

Is your pup not the hiking type? Tails on Trails also offers 30 minute urban walks at fun locations throughout Atlanta to get them moving while you’re not home. If your dog can’t get enough of hiking, Tails on Trails has monthly packages for 4 or 8 half-day hikes each month.

Want to book a hike or walk for your pup with Tails on Trails? Learn more here!