I first met Milla at a media tour that I was invited to in Asheville this past fall (read the recap here), where I connected with her and some fellow Atlanta bloggers.

With a background in hospitality and a love for food tourism, Milla has worked with tons of local and national brands through her blog, Happily Eating.

Milla hosted her first media dinner a few weeks ago at The Capital Grille in Dunwoody, and I was fortunate enough to snag an invite (one of the major perks of being a food blogger!) About 10 other women and fellow #girlbosses from the Atlanta food blogging scene were also in attendance.

As a disclaimer – I’m normally not a fan of chain restaurants. With over 50 locations in 26 states, The Capital Grille is most definitely in the chain category – despite its sterling reputation as a renowned steakhouse, I typically prefer to eat at local spots. Despite any preconceived notions, I loved the attention to detail in the food, presentation, and service at Capital Grille – and will definitely be making a return visit.


First, we started our meal with TCG’s signature cocktail, the Stoli Doli. This martini features pineapples flown in from Hawaii (no joke) that are steeped in Stoli vodka for 7 days. The result is a sweet concoction that is the perfect start to any dinner.

I also got the Elder Brother for my drink with dinner (does this name remind anyone else of Harry Potter?) with gin, housemade tonic, and elderflower cordial.

Next our table shared family-style appetizers from TCG’s cocktail plates menu, including cast iron garlic shrimp (buttery and rich, served with an olive oil crostini for dipping), pan-fried calamari with hot cherry peppers, and a seared dry age sirloin with sweet chili vinaigrette and wasabi oil.


capital grille happily eating food

For our entrées, each attendee was able to choose what they wanted – I opted for the simple but ever delicious filet mignon, accompanied by some tasty sides (our favorites were the parmesan truffle fries, savory lobster mac ‘n’ cheese, and brussel sprouts with smoked bacon).

capital grille happily eating steak

I’m surprised by this as well – but one of the biggest stars of the evening was a luscious plate of desserts. We noshed on a classic creme brûlée with berries, an Italian mascarpone cheesecake, and my personal favorite, a flourless chocolate espresso cake. Every dessert option was rich, flavorful, and decadently good. Paired with a foamy cinnamon cappuccino, this was a truly sweet ending to our meal.

dessert capital grille happily eating

One thing I really enjoyed about eating at The Capital Grille – our group of bloggers was loud and picture-crazy, but our servers were super patient and so well-informed about the menu. It was so exciting to see such attention to detail, ingredients, and presentation from a national restaurant group.

To visit The Capital Grille in Dunwoody, click here for their menu and to make a reservation. Don’t forget to check out my girl Milla at her blog, Happily Eating.