“Think of your favorite neighborhood coffee shop. There’s plenty of comfy seating, your favorite latte, and an abundance of glorious free wifi.

Now think of the food situation at your favorite neighborhood coffee shop. I’m guessing they offer an assortment of stale pastries, and maybe a few sandwiches if you’re lucky.

Brookhaven’s Copper Coin is defying the standards of a typical coffee shop – with the addition of beer, wine, and a farm-t0-table menu, this hybrid watering hole is anything but the norm.”

copper coin wine dinner 2

I recently had the pleasure of attending a wine pairing dinner at Copper Coin in Town Brookhaven – the post was originally published on CulinaryLocal, which you can view here!


Don’t forget to check out a preview of the evening in photos below:

copper coin wine dinner 1


copper coin wine dinner 4

copper coin wine dinner 5

copper coin wine dinner 7