Looking for a place to bring your furry friend? These 4 in-town Atlanta dog parks are the perfect place to socialize your pup – there’s even a hybrid park/coffee shop on the list to get your caffeine fix while your dog plays.

My Aussie pup Riley and I bring you our favorite Atlanta dog parks!

Piedmont Dog Park

One of the most popular in Atlanta, this dog park is situated in the heart of Piedmont Park in Midtown.

Since 2002, Piedmont Dog Park has provided over 3 acres of land for dogs to run off-leash, complete with separate enclosures for small & large dogs, landscaping and rock formations for dogs to play on, and even restrooms on-site for dog owners.

Expect to see nothing short of hundreds of pups playing on a sunny Saturday at Piedmont Dog Park – this park is frequented by Atlantans from all over the city, not just the Midtown area. It’s a great place to socialize your dog and meet other owners; just make sure to watch your dog’s whereabouts, as the park is rather large with different levels of terrain.

Piedmont Dog Park is on the east side of Piedmont Park, just adjacent to the interim Eastside BeltLine Trail. If you’re at Park Tavern, keep walking north into the park, with the lake on your left. You’ll see an entrance to the Wetlands Trail on your left, with a large bridge ahead signifying the start of the dog park.

[Note] Skittish or aggressive dogs won’t be welcome at Piedmont Dog Park. It can also be a bit overwhelming for very young dogs, or those who aren’t used to a lot of socialization.

atlanta piedmont dog park

Freedom Barkway Dog Park

My personal favorite dog park in Atlanta, Freedom Barkway is located off Highland Ave. and Glen Iris in Old Fourth Ward. This park is truly a labor of love – opened in March 2015, Freedom Barkway was partly funded by community donors. Since the park was constructed, over $11,000 has been raised through Kickstarter for park improvements.

Freedom Barkway is much smaller than Piedmont Dog Park, with a regular crowd of mostly local Old Fourth Ward residents and their pups. The community feel is tangible, with multiple donor-backed improvements on the way in 2016. Lights are expected to be installed in February, making the park accessible 24 hours a day.

freedom barkway atlanta dog parks

Proposed plans for Freedom Barkway

Pro-tip: there are also awesome views of Downtown Atlanta at Freedom Barkway! Hang around in the early evening for a pretty sunset view.

[Note] There is no designated parking for the dog park, so many people walk to reach it. Street parking is easily accessible, however, and the park is in close proximity to the BeltLine.

freedom barkway atlanta dog park

Oakhurst Dog Park

For Decatur, Druid Hills and East Atlanta residents, Oakhurst Dog Park is perfect for a hot summer day. The park provides the most shade of of any dog park on the list, so it’s a bit more bearable for both owners and pups in the summer months.

In addition to a huge flat space for running, there are a lot of small trails and wooded areas dotted around the park, providing more space for dogs to explore.

Parking is easily accessible at Oakhurst; you can park at the church across the street for free during the week, and street parking is also available.

oakhurst dog park atlanta dog parks

Park Grounds

park grounds atlanta dog parksPark Grounds is one of my favorite Atlanta dog parks – not only is there space for Riley (pictured left at Park Grounds) to run around, this park is also a cafe and coffee shop!

Park Grounds is located in Reynoldstown, in easy driving distance to Krog Street Market, Grant Park, and East Atlanta Village. The hybrid park + coffee shop is tucked away on a residential street, primarily drawing locals from the surrounding neighborhoods.

When you arrive at Park Grounds, there are 2 entrances: one for dogs, and one for humans. The dog park, situated in the back of the restaurant, has plenty of room for dogs to run around, with tables and benches interspersed for their owners to sit, eat, and watch the fun.

park grounds atlanta dog parks



The coffee shop and restaurant is small and charming, with books, local artwork, and tons of comfy couches. The menu is populated by breakfast items (served until 2 pm each day), as well as sandwiches, wraps, and salads. I was excited to find a peanut butter and banana sandwich, one of my personal favorites, served on toasted challah bread with honey. After you order, a server will bring your meal out to the patio or into the park so you can eat while hanging with the dogs.

Park Grounds has the friendliest atmosphere out of any of the Atlanta dog parks on this list. Riley and I made friends with multiple dog owners and their pups, and everyone at the park was sharing dog stories and chatting with complete strangers like they were old friends.


park grounds atlanta dog park


Did any of your favorite Atlanta dog parks not make the list?

Comment below with any suggestions – Riley and I are always up for a new adventure!